The Central Minister for Ports and shipping has officially declared that construction on Vizhinjam port project will absolutely start this year, and that it will be finished in its entirety and ready for shipping traffic within 4 short years. The Vizhinjam port can be considered as the kiss that will wake up the sleeping princess called Trivandrum. This will transform Trivandrum into the Singapore of the Indian peninsula.

The property listed below is on the lighthouse road, which is dotted with every imaginable hotel. This road winds down into Kovalam beach. Once the port comes up , which is just a few miles away, the Kovalam tourist area will bloom into the hotspot of Trivandrum, where  instead of the current ordinary tourist hotels , you can speculate that you will be seeing everything from discos to casinos and what not. This will be the nightlife of Trivandrum city. This property  has the advantage that it is on elevated ground, safe from Tsunamis like the one that ravaged the Kerala coast a few years back. Yet , it is only a 60 second walk to the ever-blue waters of the Kovalam bay. The view of the coast from this property is stunning. It is right next to a 5 floor hotel.

Build your hotel on this land. You should be easily able to build at least a 30 room hotel (two floors) that will commands daily rates of Rs 5000 and above per room, and of course if you have more funds you can build a five floor hotel like the neighboring hotel, Travancore Palace hotel. Or you could build your Kovalam vacation beach mansion here as your private getaway where you can relax and do whatever you please.

Priced very reasonably at below a crore, this property will triple its value within the next 3 years, as this area will be the Juhu of Trivandrum.

10 cents of prime land (400 sqm) on the road that winds down to Lighthouse Beach / Eve's Beach. The Ocean is only 60 seconds away by walking. This area abounds with hotels of every size and shape. A building constructed on this land would have a commanding view of the Kovalam coast, and the lighthouse. Ideal for a honeymoon hotel or other vacation property. The property is owned clear without any encumberances or other issues.  This is the last piece of viable property on the road going down to Eve's beach. Kovalam's Eve's beach is India's premier beach destination next to Goa. Will assist in getting construction permit if desired.

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the view when walking from the property towards the beach
the sweet little romantic road that winds down to Kovalam beach
60 seconds from your property