Kovalam :
India's Most Romantic Getaway

The little village of Kovalam is one of India's best kept secrets. A favorite with honeymooners from all over India, the Kovalam coast has some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire Indian Ocean region. As yet surprisingly undeveloped, the local speculation is that the building of the sea port at Trivandrum will turn this area into the Juhu Beach of the south. Hotel rooms in this area tend to be expensive, with rates running from 5000 to 20000 Indian Rupees.

Developers from all over India have been buying up land and homes in the area in recent times. The tourist area and the commercial zone will be kept separate so that the idyllic environment is left untouched.

If you are visiting, be sure to make a trip to the lighthouse.The view from the lighthouse is breathtaking. If you are planning to propose to your future bride, this would be an ideal spot, because the entire environment is so surreal and beautiful, she may overlook 90% of the issues with you and say "yes" :)
The Lovers Coast: Kovalam